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Mad at the Internet

Oct 31, 2023

An international diplomatic incident is started over an off-hand remark of the United State's substandard access to bakeries and delis.

Oct 27, 2023

Cogent and Equinix PL force Hosteam to censor the Kiwi Farms, masculine hyperviolence in Austria, redefining ovaries and Carrie, LordKat leaves us, Nick's final defense, Bossmanjack's night of mousetraps.

Oct 24, 2023

A man sues a friend for defamation, how to get your way in a world of digital marketing, Ontario PD confirms: no one hurt Keffals, YMS doesn't chew, and Bossman's big climb.

Oct 17, 2023

An investigation into Aboriginal Australian life, Disney's new art direction, a wholesome trap and his friends, CWC is back to streaming, Ethan Klein sees the thing, JF's how-to, the Skelemtin Queen, Rekieta thinks men are gay, and Greer WINS!

Oct 13, 2023

A man hit in the head so hard, he decided to lay in bed until he died.