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Mad at the Internet

Oct 28, 2022

After 11 months of getting Zayo set up, they block our network and terminate service in fewer than 12 hours thanks to Blake Willis out of Zayo Paris. With Tier 1 ISPs denying service to individual websites, is the Big-I Internet dead?

Oct 21, 2022

Ethan Klein starts writing the opposite of Schindler's List, Dong Gon's consent accidents, al-Chantal is engaged, Ralph sharts (and sees his son), Baked's miracle, Biden invites a skinwalker for cookies, and Machines have killed art and enslaved the coomer race. 

Oct 14, 2022

We build back better and return to tradition. The CEO's bedroom problems, Boogie's cryptocurrency, Ye goes #DEATHCON3, Jon Stewart acts a lot like Jon Leibowitz, and Dong Gon admits the war is not necessarily developing in his favor.

Oct 7, 2022

With the arrival of fall and the month of Halloween, things are looking up.