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Mad at the Internet

Sep 25, 2019

Google wins a lawsuit, Israeli elections, Greta takes over the world, Trump gets peach'd, Alex Jones files a lawsuit, Scott Adams threatens to file a lawsuit, MundaneMatt is not the father, and I get a shoutout.

Intro: Title Theme - Croc: Legend Of the Gobbos

Sep 19, 2019

The week after the hack, /pol/ underestimates the Chinese, RMS is gone, Amberlynn eats a chicken, Virgo eats raw scallop.

Intro: Crush – Metaform

Outro: Человек...

Sep 4, 2019

Sleeping Frogs, Maddox lets me down, TYT talks to Brianna Wu, Goku has choice words for Gohan, Verizon respects my webzone, Lowtax shouts us out, an FBI report, a Private Investigator report + phone call, and closing words on Zoe Quinn.