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Mad at the Internet

Nov 28, 2019

Simba Lion shoots some cops, Chantal has surgery, Lowtax loses his wife and daughter, and Onision wants attention.

Intro: Thanksgiving Theme - Vince Guaraldi

Outro: America -...

Nov 14, 2019

Wishing it was Impeachment Day, I get my computer back, YouTube loses to the FTC and so does everyone else, "Literally Who?" is living out of spite, fake Onision emails, real Schizophrenic emails, and Jim wants to take Hotwheels to poundtown.

Intro: R. Mullen - Yippah


Nov 7, 2019

Dick discovers Discover card, I discover my notes are bad mid-stream, Fredrick discovers his fursona.

Intro: The Wednesday Ritual - ZimoNitrome

Outro: 1901 - Pheonix

Nov 1, 2019

A mother's 20 year plan to legalize weed.

Intro: Behemoth (Perturbator remix) - GosT

Outro: Afterlife - BENE