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Mad at the Internet

Jun 26, 2019

YouTube's Fatspeech Policy, Etika IS FUCKING DEAD, Eggholes, LGBTQQIA+ Assassins, /r/The_Donald Quarantined, and a long rant on Mumkey Jones.

Jun 19, 2019

New suggested legislation that is totally going to fix the Internet forever, Kiwi Farms banned from Brave, Joseph Cumia's DMCA and the People's Court, Eaglefucker's DMCA, some cooking with Kay, and a lot of other weird garbage.

Jun 12, 2019

Max Landis gets #MeToo'd, Twitter accepts Zoophilia, an old dangerhair from Pakistan loses her shit at Brave, Jonathan Yaniv loses, an 8 page email, Your Dog Dick Sucks, and more.